Low power ac source 600VA for test

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Model No.: SP300VAC600W

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Product Description

Product Introduction: 

APM small ac power supply can meet your power test requirement! APM uses high frequency PWM technology ,active PFC design to deliver the low power ac source. The SP300VAC600W is divided into advanced version and professional version based on different test request of the application area. This 600VA ac source is selling well in India, USA, Italy,Spain, Germany, ect. Features a digital control unit, display 15 electrical parameters, such as the setting values of voltage, current and frequency, as well as actual values of output voltage, current, power and power factor. 

Application Area:

This series is applicable to multiple sectors such as electric, lighting and aviation sectors and it could be applied to enterprise's  production test as well.

There are more models.  1200W AC Power Supply, 1500W AC Power Supply,3000w Ac Power Supply, 4000W AC Power Supply  for your reference.

Product Features:

● 4.3" large touch color screen, possess complete functions and easy to operate.
● Support for USB data import/export and screen snap from front panel.
● AC+DC mixed or independent output mode for voltage DC offset simulation.
● Capable of setting voltage and current output restriction, support for constant current output mode.
● Capable of setting output slope of voltage and frequency.
● Capable of setting ON/OFF phase angle.
● Support for LIST/PULSE/STEP mode, simple time setting and circulation setting, which is suitable for power line disturbance simulation test.
● Built-in power sweeping function.
● Built-in Transient mode.
● Built-in Dimmer function.
● With reverse current protection to avoid current flowing backward.
● Built-in power meter, which is capable of measuring 15 electrical parameters, including voltage, current, frequency, etc.
● Built-in IEC61000-3-3/ IEC61000-3-2/ IEC61000-4-11/ IEC61000-4-14/ IEC61000-4-28/ IEC61000-4-13 standard test required waveform.

Basic Functions:

1. Adjustable Phase Angle/Slope

Adjustable Phase Angle/Slope is applicable to verification test of ON/OFF inrush current testing. This function is applicable to start inductive or capacitive load with large capacity to avoid high current when instantaneously start the device.

2. High Output Current Crest Factor

The surge current could reach 5-6 times of the rated current, especially suitable for inrush current testing.

3. Transient mode

Transient mode simulates the impact on test object when turn on or turn off transient high power capacity load in power grid. 

4. Dimmer Function

Support Dimmer function, which is applicable to conduct speed regulating or dimming verification test for electric motor, lamp and other products.

5. Output Simulation Sequence and Disturbance Simulation 

Capable of simulating power line disturbance simulation test.

Advanced Functions:

1.Output Impedance(Applicable to Professional Version)
Support Simulating Output Impedance.

2.Built-in IEC Standard Test(Applicable to Professional Version)

Built-in IEC standard test could be recalled directly.

3. Amplifier Function

The programmable AC power source could realize real time output by tail after signal waveform.

4. Harmonics/ Inter-harmonics Generate Simulation and Harmonics Measurement(Applicable to Professional Version)

Up to 40 orders of harmonics components, applicable to interference simulation test.

5. External Control Function

Programmable AC power sources could provide analog input under test simulation of PASS, FALL and RUN status and user can control ON/OFF externally, force to shutdown, reset and upload 7 sets of stored parameters.

Technical Specification:

Model SP300VAC600W
1 Voltage 90~265VAC
2 Frequency 47~63Hz
3 Phase 1 Phase, 2Wire+Groud
4 Max. Current 10A
5 Power Factor

at 220VAC Input ,
Full Load

≥0.96 Active PFC
6 Efficiency >81% (Peak)
>80% at 220VAC,50Hz input/230VAC,50Hz output, Full Load
7 AC Power 600VA
8 Max. Current
0~150V(L) 5.6A
0~300V(H) 2.8A
9 Max. Current
0~150V(L) 32.4A
0~300V(H) 16.2A
10 Phase 1 Phase
11 Crest Factor(CF) <6
12 Load Regulation ±0.1%F.S.(Resistive Load) at 15-70Hz
±0.5%F.S.(Resistive Load) at 70.1-1200Hz
Note:1001~1200Hz only available to Professional Version Models
13 Line Regulation ±0.1V
14 Voltage(AC) Range 0~300VAC, 150V/300V/Auto Mode
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy 0.2% of setting +0.2%F.S.
15 Voltage(DC) Range 0~424VDC
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy 0.2% of setting +0.2%F.S.
Max. Power 600W
Max. Current
(L/H Range)
L 3.96A
H 1.89A

Rise time/
drop time

16 Current OC
Fold Mode
Resolution 0.01A
Accuracy 0.5% of setting +1.0%F.S.
17 Frequency Range 15~1000Hz Full Range ADJ 15~1200Hz Full Range ADJ
Resolution 0.1Hz at 15.0~99.9Hz,
1Hz at 100~1000Hz
0.1Hz at 15.0~99.9Hz,

1Hz at 100~1000Hz,

5Hz at 1001~1200Hz
Accuracy 0.03% of setting
18 Programmable


Range N/A 0Ω +0mH~1Ω +1mH
19 Harmonic

& Inter-


Range N/A 2400Hz
20 Voltage Range AC 0~300VAC
DC 0~424VDC
Resolution 0.1V
Accuracy 0.2% of setting +0.2%F.S.
21 Frequency Range 15~1000Hz 15~1200Hz
Resolution 0.1Hz at 15.0~99.9Hz,
1Hz at 100~1000Hz
0.1Hz at 15.0~99.9Hz,

1Hz at 100~1000Hz,

5Hz at 1001~1200Hz
Accuracy 0.1% of setting
22 Current
Range H 0.1A~5.6A
M -
L 0.05A~3A
mA -
Resolution 0.01A
Accuracy  0.4%+1.0%F.S.
23 Current
Range 0A~32.4A
Resolution 0.01A
Accuracy H 0.4%+1.0%F.S.
L 0.4%+1.5%F.S.
24 Power Range 0~600W
Resolution 0.1W
Accuracy 0.4% of setting +1.0%F.S. at PF>0.2, Voltage >5V
25 Harmonic Range N/A 2~40 orders
26 Parallel Output for 1 Phase Not Support
27 Series Output for 1 Phase Not Support
28 Link Output for 3 Phase Not Support
29 FAN Temperature Control
31 Interface USB, RS485, RS232(Standard); GPIB,LAN (Optional)
32 Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
33 Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C
34 Noise 73dBA(Max fan speed)
35 Altitude 2000m
36 Relative Humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing
37 Temperature Coefficient 100ppm/°C at Voltage, 300ppm/°C at Current, 100ppm/°C at Frequency
38 Dimensions(W*H*D) 483*87*636mm
39 Unit Net Weight 15.9kg
*Note:The tolerance will change slightly in high frequency condition.

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